About Us

Doug is a dyed-in-the-wool New Englander living below the Mason-Dixon line. He was raised on his mother’s crockpot magic and family recipes for German potato salad and galumpkis. During grad school, he moonlighted as a bartender and honed his palate on West Coast IPAs and Belgian farmhouse ales. In 2005, he made Meghan a martini and dinner. She hasn't looked back.

Doug likes Cab Franc, hot peppers, blue cheese, and dark chocolate (if he has to eat dessert). He avoids Chardonnay and bitter greens, although Meghan regularly tries to convince him he likes both. He has a talent for dicing food into lovely, uniform pieces; this makes him the resident salsa-maker. He also makes a wicked pizza dough. When he isn't drinking wine (and sometimes when he is), Doug is a scientist and a musician.

Meghan grew up with intra-family cooking contests, traditional antipasto, and homemade pie crust. In a family where food was almost a religion, she learned to cook by osmosis. The first meal Meghan made for Doug was her mom's pasta with fresh tomato sauce; he learned later that her real superpower was creating dinner out of the dregs of last week's grocery run.     

Meghan is a food purist (read: recovering picky eater).  She likes cheese pizzas, vanilla ice cream, and egg-only omelettes.  She is convinced almost anything can be cured with butter or whisk(e)y - and applies both on a regular basis. She also has a love of steamed broccoli that borders on an obsession. When she's not planning meals or daydreaming about vineyards, Meghan is a historian. And, she spins a damn fine pottery wheel.

grit and grapes:
grit and grapes was born after Meghan implored Doug to write down notes about the wine they were drinking – for approximately the 250th time.  Doug suggested keeping a wine blog (possibly only to avoid pulling out the wine journal which was stuffed behind eight rocks glasses, three wine keys, and a mysterious bottle of B&B). The idea took hold - it seemed like a good way to chronicle the favorites, and the failures, that regularly grace our table.

Neither of us claim any special knowledge of wine. We are learning what we like (musky, spicy reds) and testing the boundaries of what we don't (off-dry whites). We are eager to share our growing wine vocabulary, and our successes and missteps with wine and food pairings. We invite you to join us at our table as we sample dry wines and hoppy beers, or test out classic cocktails and creative cuisine. Food and wine are only as fine as the people who share them with you.

You can contact Meghan and Doug at gritandgrapes [at] gmail [dot] com.